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Corporate Events

Make your own history at Chesters

What sets Chesters apart as an event location is the privacy, exclusivity and creative environment it offers. Unlike some more sterile and characterless hospitality venues, its strong sense of history, stunning views and flexibility as a venue encourage imaginative thinking, informed decision-making and the creation of enduring working relationships, all in the most memorable of settings.

A classic country estate, Chesters has been re-defined for the 21st Century yet it still remains in full working use. Offering four beautiful public rooms together with the estate grounds, it gives you the opportunity to host everything from private meetings, fine dining events and outdoor summer parties to fishing, sports and team-building activities.

Help preserve a unique heritage

As a client of Chesters, you will play a vital role in the development of both the house and the estate whilst helping to support a vibrant, sustainable local community. Our Events Manager can advise you not only on how to make your event more environmentally friendly but also on how best to fulfill your corporate social obligations. And if you choose to return, you will be able to see for yourself the difference that your visit has made.

Event planning toolkit

Thanks to both our planning toolkit and experienced co-ordinators, you can rest assured that your event will be a huge success and that you will feel fully supported from beginning to end. The purpose of the planning toolkit is to provide you with the necessary information and materials you require to plan your event. The toolkit includes: -

  • Planning your event
  • Capacity Table and Images
  • Packages and Prices
  • Maps and Directions

To find out more and request your Planning Toolkit, or to book your Chesters experience, call our Events Manager now on 07802 416 494 or email

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